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HandyHelpservice  in Zürich is also a Hanging and Electrician company, wich offer a professional service  for home, stores and office which incorporates  and ensures that your artworks, television and lamps are hung and installed securely and accurately and in relation to the decor that surrounds them.


We provide all kind of Handyman service close you area: painting hang , lights, mirrors, television, curtains rail installations, tapestries, ceramics, objets d’art and three-dimensional artworks of all kinds. In additional our team install,change or replace all type door and  knob.

If you are looking for an electrical work, we  also providing an electrician service for all types of lamps: ceiling light fixture, ceiling fan, with installation and replace fittings, security hangers as required.


Electrical Hanging and Installation Service

Electrical Inspection Service

Electrical Repair Service

Lighting Services

Upon request, we will gladly to advice an individual lighting concept for you in order to optimally support both right lamp installation and the function of ceiling lights your rooms with appropriate conditions and  maximum safety. Our electrical technicians arrive at the worksite on time and are well-equipped with all necessary tools. We help you step by step in every electrical need.


Our secret is working with our own team  efficient  with a friendly service and highly personalised. Each job is treated individually and no job is too big or too small. Contact us for more information

Working with great ideas!
                       RESIDENCE - OFFICE & BUSINESS SERVICE

Our team are trained to advise our clients regarding the correct positioning and layout of artwork. For us, this aspect of our work is even more important than the physical hanging. We are available for picture framers, architects, decorators, galleries and, of course, local businesses and private clients in Zürich . Find out our Conditions 





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