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Disposal Service Zürich

          Bulky Waste Disposal, Removal, Transport and Clearance Service

HandyHelpservice  is also happy to  taking care of the Removal and Waste Disposal  Service in Zürich, which include  to collect all kind of  funitures, bulky waste, cupboards, old boards, mixed metal and appliances in Zürich near you. Experience and quality is our priority. RESIDENCE - OFFICE & BUSINESS SERVICE

We provide a private and business medium and large removal and disposal service: furnitures and bulky waste according to the your needs.
Find the best expert handyman now for residential, commercial, or office property maintenance and facility services in Zürich. We providing an extension renovation services for residential and commercial properties.Handyhelpservice  experience and quality is our priority.
Find the best expert painters now for residential, commercial, or office painting services. Our professional painters will repair and paint your walls, ceiling or entire room with the ideal shades. Handyhelpservice  experience and quality is our priority.

The waste is already bothering you? moving out and need to throw away your furniture? throw away cardboard?

Handyhelpservice clear everything out, transport it professionally and have it disposed of or recycled with responsability and hight professional experience .

Disposal Service are our main job working with  profissionalism, eco-friendly disposal  with a variety special waste removals and disposing quickly and safely. We are ready help in your home, office, storage room, etc.

1. Collection and appropriate disposal of bulky waste

2. Clearing out and removal of cellars, attics and garages 

3. From bed, sofa, mattressand cupboard to bulky transport goods

4. Disposal of bulky waste of any kind of furnitures and appliance.

5. Clearances (private, store / local clearance, cellar, trade & industry)

6. Residence, office and all business moves , transport , removal and disposal service


Our team Handyhelpservice  will collecting , removal  and dispose all bulky waste properly and green safe.

From all project request of waste dispose and recycle  of a large variety of items, we offer a quick solution waste disposal  for your residence, office and all business request in all Zürich region.


Visit our Conditions for more information and details.

Our commitment to satisfying customers and providing hight quality and professional workmanship.
If you still need  additional service,please Contact us  to see how we can help you today, with a free estimate.


Handyhelpservice  brings  the solution for you, residential and commercial maintenance service:

- Light hanging , installation or removal

- TV, picture, mirror or arts craft  hanging , installation 

- Painting and repairing : wall, ceiling, mold

- Moving  and Transport service

- Gardeining maintenance for all seasons

- Handyman service


Your property is  our priority

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